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AUTOTRANSPORT Risek is the companis for the transport, trade and services that was founded in 1992. year. Whan we began to work we define a vision of operations by which we build recognition and reputation in the market. Our main activity is the road transport of goods in the domestic and international traffic.

Thread guiding that we follow are the requirements of our current but also potential customers and business partners. We want to be the best in their eyes, and then on the market and providing top-quality transport service.

Transparency, reliability, accuracy and security are integral parts of our positive and modern business policy, and the enthusiasm and innovation that we have tracked 16 years of existence. Autotransport Risek simply ensure and guarantee that your package will arrive at the destination within the given deadline. But what is most important shipment will arrive safely.

General information:

Autotransport Risek
Donja Šemnica 284
MBO: 92547486

Tel: + 385 49 349 027
Fax: + 385 49 640 910
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